Tell the world about your new business

Tell the world about your new business

So you’ve started your own business, hey?

You’ve saved up some initial capital and come up with a plan to make your amazing idea a reality. You’ve finally got a website, a brand and a logo – you are ready to go out there and tell the world what you’ve got to offer!

At this point you might consider getting some fancy business cards printed. You might be thinking about making that first impression to new clients, connect with potential partners and of course your mum will one to keep in her wallet or pin on the fridge to show all of her friends too.

But wait! Did you know that 88% of paper business cards get thrown out in less than a week? It’s so wasteful. We can’t stand it and we won’t stand for this unnecessary environmental impact.

Let’s talk about these printed business cards. What’s the Big picture? What’s your picture? And why saying “No” to printed business cards could be your best choice.

Big Picture – What is the global impact of printed business cards?

Photo by roya ann miller on Unsplash

Photo by roya ann miller on Unsplash

The wastefulness of printed business cards is not just here in Germany (a country that loves unnecessary paperwork) but a large global problem. In fact, over 100 billion business cards are printed each year. That’s more than 6 Million trees each year, tons of CO2 emissions, chemicals and hundreds litres of water wastage. It’s enough to make us cringe when realizing the low business value of these throw-away cards that weren’t even worth the effort to type and save a name and email address when you know you could just google it later.

These are big numbers, and they represent an impact bigger than just you and me. But like every environmental initiative, we as global citizens have to start somewhere.

Your Picture – Why does sustainability matter to your business?

Photo by Markus Spiske on Pexels

Photo by Markus Spiske on Pexels

This is 2020. Sustainability is more than a trend – it’s a core value of our society. You’re already looking for opportunities to reduce your environmental impact in your personal life, and now you’re aiming to run a green business too.

Ok, so you haven’t quite worked it all out yet - building sustainability into your business might take a bit of effort and research, but business cards are one thing that can be solved easily. Though maybe you’re not quite ready to give up your personal card? After all, you’re building your new business and professional brand. You want to stand out in a crowd and create an impressive first impression. Maybe swapping LinkedIn connections isn’t enough to build that traction you’re aiming for?

This is where a digital business card can help.

Saying “No” to printed cards - Why are digital business cards your better choice?

With your digital business card, you can offer a professional introduction right in the hands of your new clients. Gain an immediate engagement and wow factor – all while maintaining your sustainable business values.

Your digital business card is always at hand, ready to scan a QR code on your phone, or insert as a link into any email or professional content. Your client loads your card immediately (most phones already have integrated QR scanners in the standard camera function) and are presented with your smiling face in their hands. Your contact information is ready to use immediately without typing and re-typing it from a printed card. In one click they are on your website, or your social media page, sending you an immediate email or saving your contact details to follow up later.

It’s that easy. A wow-factor, immediate connection and professionally representing your business identity.

You’ve created an impressive first impression for your new clients, and earned some respect and confidence from your potential business partners. Ok, so mum doesn’t have some paper in her wallet, but give her the link to your card and she’ll show off to her friends. You might even get a mention in the annual Christmas email!

You never even needed those printed business cards after all.

Now that’s sorted, what’s next on your plan to ensure you’re including sustainability values in your business?

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